Small Business Week 2015 Giveaway!

Small Business Week 2015 Giveaway

Have you heard the term Lead Magnet? If not, its a term you need to know.

Essentially, a Lead Magnet is an offer that entices people to subscribe to your email list. If you want to make money through your website, the best way is to build your email list. But in a world where everyone is overrun with email marketing, its unlikely someone is just going to sign up to your list unless there is a good reason. So, your goal is to offer something of value that acts like a magnet to capture leads on your website. Some examples of a lead magnet would be e-books, white papers, or a free video course.

One Page To Rule Them All

As a one man business, I can tell you that there isn’t enough time in the day to test which lead magnets are working right now. Thankfully, there are those companies out there that have the resources to test different lead magnets and report on the results. One such company is Their testing showed that a simple 1 page resource guide outperformed e-books, white papers, free video courses, and other lead magnets. In fact, LeadPages continues to use the resource guide opt-in page in their weekly webinars as one of 4 critical pages for your website.

So what does a resource guide look like? Its basically 5 tools or resources that are used in your industry listed on a one page PDF. These can be free or paid but to point is you’re putting together a collection of resources in one easy to digest guide. The benefit to person downloading the resource guide is they get an inside look at what tools you’re using for your business. Yet, the point of the resource guide isn’t to give them all of your trade secrets. You’re giving them enough information to build interest, but not enough information to become your competitor. Sure, if someone is really motivated and wants to go the do-it-yourself route, they can invest a lot of time learning how to use these tools or resources to basically do your job. But most people will realize its more difficult than it seems and its best to hire someone who already knows how to use those resources or tools. That means since they are already on your email list from downloading the resource guide, they will likely hire you, versus your competition.

Not As Easy As It Sounds

When I learned about the resource guide, I immediately thought it would be simple to do. Well even with my graphic design background, it still took me a few good hours to create my own resource guide. I finally got it done and online but, it got me thinking… if this is difficult for me as a graphic designer, how about the average small business owner?

Then an idea came to me one night at about 2 am and I’ve been working to make this idea into reality. I’ve finally got it together just in time to finish out Small Business Week 2015.

In Honor Of Small Business Week…Free Resource Guide Templates

I’ve created a file with a few resource guide templates that can easily be edited and used by a small business as a way to attract leads on their website. These templates mean you don’t need to start from scratch or suffer with creative block. To start you off, I’ve created 3 designs where you can plug in your images, titles and a brief description. The templates have been created as a PowerPoint file, because most small businesses don’t own a copy of Photoshop, but they probably do have Microsoft Office and Power Point. Each template has instructions on how to edit it and links to more in-depth tutorials of Power Point if needed. I do plan to update the file with more designs and will notify those who download it, to grab the latest version.

Your Turn

So, celebrate Small Business Week 2015 by grabbing your copy of my resource guide templates. Also, once you get your guide together, come back and leave me a comment about using the templates. I’d love to know how they are working for you.


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