Direct Response Copywriting Made Easy (Funnel Scripts Review)

Direct Response Copywriting Using Funnel Scripts

One of the most important elements of a successful website is direct response copywriting. It’s a skill that is necessary if you want to convert site visitors to prospects and prospects to paying customers. Your copywriting can make or break a sale.

The problem with good copy is a double-edged sword. On the one side, the cost of hiring a great copywriter can cut deep into your budget. Most copywriters that get results can cost around $20,000.

The other side of that sword is that if you try to learn how to do it yourself, it can cut deep into your time.

It isn’t quite as expensive to invest in learning direct response copywriting, but the time it takes to hone your skills until you start writing copy that converts visitors into buyers can take months or even years.

My Own Direct Response Copywriting Investment

I’ve personally invested over $1,000 in a direct response copywriting courses and training.

I joined one online class from a guy who charged $150,000 to write the copy for a sales page.

While I did learn a great formula for copywriting, it still took me days to get the first draft of a sales letter.

Even with a proven copywriting formula in hand I still struggled to get the text to my satisfaction.

I also invested into sales scripts that have been proven to convert from a great marketer named Russell Brunson.

He took the visual approach to explaining how these sales scripts worked by showing the step by step formula with simple illustrations.

However, I struggled with the same issue.

Translating those steps into a sales script would take me several hours.

Trying to flesh out a sales message still took too long, and I wasn’t getting something out there that I could test and tweak.

Thankfully, Russell Brunson has teamed up with a guy named Jim Edwards and released a copywriting shortcut, and it is awesome.

Funnel Scripts Makes Direct Response Copywriting Easy Peasy

Funnel Scripts generates a first draft script based on several of Russell’s marketing and sales scripts found is his book Dot Com Secrets.

These formulas have made him millions of dollars.

Individual scripts take just minutes to complete, and others take about an hour or so.

The scripts range from headlines, video scripts, email sequences, ad copy all the way to long form sales page copy.

Generating the script is very simple.

  1. Choose the type of script you want.
  2. Fill out the associated fields.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Out pops the script!

Once you have the script, you will be able to read through it and make tweaks to the form fields to get it to read more clearly.

There is also an option to download all of the script elements into a simple text file that you can edit.

What I think is cool is Russell has created a handout that tells you what scripts to use at different stages of building a sales funnel.

As a bonus, you get access to Russell’s Inception Secrets training which goes into depth on the strategy behind the scripts.

So if you do want to dig in deeper, this course will give you insights to help make you a better copywriter.

Funnel Scripts Works!

After messing with Funnel Scripts for about a week, I wanted to put it to the test.

One company that I work with creates postcards for real estate agents.

We had just come off of a promotion that saw no sales.

The next promotion was going to be a new product line, so I decided to test Funnel Scripts.

I logged in and chose to use a short sales letter script for a quick test.

After working with the lead sales person to tweak the script, we launched the promotion.

The results?

So, in total, we got nine sales from the promotion.

I do attribute those sales to using the sales script.

It was something entirely different than we had not done before and it worked!

Also, three targeted keywords within the first month shot up from the 100+ position to the 23rd, 24th, and 25th positions in Google.

These keywords didn’t have backlinks, and we only promoted the page to our email list.

I haven’t seen keywords move this fast in any of my previous SEO efforts.

February 2017 Update

I wanted to tell you about some results I got from using the Facebook Ads Copy script recently for one of my own promotions.

It was for a giveaway to a particular multi-level marketing niche.

I found a memorable image, set up some good targeting and went into FunnelScripts to create my Facebook ad copy.

The coolest part is that the script generated so many ad copy versions that if one didn’t work, I had a lot more to choose from and test.

The script also generated ad copy for cold, warm and hot traffic.

I chose to use ad copy for cold traffic, and my results were amazing.

With just the very first draft of the Facebook ad copy, I got over 250 leads for around $0.72 each.

I ran the campaign for about two weeks.

It’s by far the most successful Facebook ad I’ve ever run.

May 2017 Update: Funnel Scripts Overview Video

May 2017 brought some updates to Funnel Scripts that make saving and loading scripts so much easier. The co-creator of Funnel Scripts did a Facebook post with an overview of all the new features. You can watch it below:

Get Started With Funnel Scripts Today!

Pros and Cons of Funnel Scripts


  1. MASSIVE Time Saver - Get your first draft completed within 10 minutes on most scripts.
  2. Large Variety Of Scripts - Scripts include sales scripts, opt-in scripts, video sales letter scripts, ads scripts including Facebook ads, and the Perfect Webinar script which has made Russell Brunson millions of dollars.
  3. Script Wizards - There are now 4 downloadable script wizards to chose from: The Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, and Star, Story, Solution Wizard!
  4. Easy To Fill In Forms - Every script has simple form fields that also include examples to help you fill it in quickly.
  5. Training Videos - There is a short training video above every script and monthly training calls
  6. Monthly Live Training - Co-founder Jim Edwards provides live training each month on the best way to use FunnelScripts.
  7. Editable scripts - Export any script to a text file and make all the edits you want.
  8. Growing scripts library - New scripts are being released every few months. The latest scripts include an Amazon / e-Commerce product script, Origin Story Script, Testimonial Script, Call To Action Script, and my personal favorite... the awesome Facebook Ads script which generates 3 versions of your ad based on cold, warm and hot traffic!.
  9. Unbelievable price - As of this writing, Funnel Scripts is $497 per year! That's like 1.5% of the cost to hire a good copywriter!
  10. Inception Secrets Bonus - Go deeper by understanding why these scripts work by getting free access to Russell's Inception Secrets course!


  1. Scripts need finessing - Once the program generates a script, some parts of the text may not read correctly, and it does require some tweaking to get the script to a point where you can use it.
  2. The Software is In Beta - Because this is in beta mode, there are occasional glitches and issues, but the team responds quickly and has fixed any bugs so far.

Final Thoughts

Funnel Scripts is a great tool to builds scripts that get results.

After all, getting results are what matters right?

With the newest updates and added scripts over the last couple of months, Funnel Scripts is better than ever!

Over 60 people have found this Funnel Scripts review helpful and have chosen to sign up.

If you’re on the fence about getting Funnel Scripts, now is the time to act because Russell and Jim will continue to increase the price as they provide greater value and more powerful scripts!

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Funnel Scripts takes all of Russell Brunson's scripts found in his book Dot Com Secrets and makes super easy to generate your money making scripts based on his formulas. You can have a first draft script in 10 minutes or less!


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