LeadPages Experiment: September & October 2015

This is my 2nd update as part of my LeadPages WordPress Plugin Experiment.
Every month I will publish a post like this one that shows you how this blog is progressing with LeadPages and everything I have done across the month to model the information from this LeadPages article (affiliate link).

These updates will help me track my own growth while also showing you what it looks like to actually use LeadPages with WordPress. To recap, these are the areas I’m using LeadPages on the blog:

  • A Welcome Page (also called Welcome Gate)
  • A LeadBox on my sidebar
  • A LeadBox on my About page
  • A 404 Error Pagee
  • 2 Thank You Pages

What I Did In September & October

Since my last update, I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to keeping up with the experiment. I’ve had a lot of freelance work to keep me busy. There has been a little bit of activity that I’ve reported on below.

Welcome Page

My hypothosis that the welcome page was preventing people from reaching the blog and affecting my sidebar opt-in has been proven wrong. Even with the welcome page out of the way, it seems conversions have still suffered. As of this writing, I haven’t created a replacement, but I do plan to use another tactic before the end of the year.

Sidebar LeadBox

The sidebar LeadBox didn’t perform well for September but I did see an opt-in for October. This time, the original version of my Top 5 Free Website Tools converted. This means that I have 2 conversions for the original version and 2 conversions for the split test version. Its obviously to early to know which one will be the clear winner.


About Page LeadBox

The about page LeadBox finally saw a conversion in October. It was the original version of the opt-in. I do still plan to make it a bit more attractive before ending this experiment.


404 Error Page

There still weren’t any 404 page hits in LeadPages since the last update. Either people aren’t getting to any error pages (not a bad thing) or the LeadBox just doesn’t convert.


Thank You Pages

The thank you page for subscribing to the blog had 1 unique visitor in October. I’m investigating how this happened as the only path to this subscriber page was through the Welcome page I removed.


The thank you page for the resource guide saw 2 visitors which corresponds to the sidebar opt-in and about page opt-in that occured in October.


My Thoughts

I was discouraged in September when I got no conversions. However, I’m happy that I’ve started to see a couple of opt-ins in October. The month isn’t quite over so I may see even more activity.

Your Turn

How are you liking the experiment so far? Tell me in the comments below!


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